Lumia or iPhone?

I crashed my phone last night, my trusty HTC 8X Windows Phone. It’s been a great phone, but it’s time to upgrade …

I’m agonizing over the decision. Now that I don’t work for Microsoft, I can get any phone that I want. Although I love what Android phones bring to the market (waterproof – brilliant! huge – brilliant!), none of them current speaks to me.

The safe, “default” choice these days is an iPhone, and it’s really tempting. I know they’re fine phones, and I have to admit, it really annoys me when I learn about a new app but don’t get to try it … there are lots of great apps on Windows Phone, but most of the “big brand” apps support iPhone first, Android second, and Windows Phone maybe never.

The problem is that I really love Windows Phone. I don’t want an iPhone – I’d rather have a Windows Phone with all the apps. But that’s the tradeoff.

I’m leaning toward the Lumia 928 – if I’m forgetting some killer iPhone app that would change my life, please let me know. I’m going to replace this broken one tonight or tomorrow.

I might even split the difference by getting the small iPad at some point. Then I could run everything.

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