Another change of direction

This consulting thing didn’t last long. A few weeks ago, my friends Harry and Ted offered me a job with their small, successful software company, Moraware. I wasn’t looking for a job, but I’ve always liked and respected these guys, so I had to listen. In the end, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’ll be starting to work for Moraware in January.

There were two things that attracted me about this opportunity. The first is that they’re willing to pay me what I’m used to while working for a small company. I didn’t think that was possible – normally, you have to take a near-term pay hit for the long-term upside when working for a startup. That’s not good for me at this point in my life, simply because my son is 10, and his needs are more important than mine right now. I can focus on riskier opportunities when he leaves home, if I still want to.

Moraware was able to offer me an attractive compensation plan because they’re not a startup – they’ve already achieved product/market fit in a small, very specific market (countertop fabricators). And that’s the second, VERY attractive thing about this opportunity. I’m going to learn first-hand how a successful software company works. I’ll have my hands in just about every aspect of the business, and my key goals are simply “make the business better” and “pitch in to make the team’s lives better.” I met Harry and Ted at the Business of Software conference 3 years ago, and we’ve also connected at MicroConf and ISVCon. Together we’ve learned amazing things at these events – my job is to increase the team’s capacity so that we can apply that learning.

I’m going to get paid to learn how to do the stuff Patrick McKenzie teaches. I’m going to get paid to do customer interviews the way the Re-Wired Group teaches. I am SO excited to finally get my hands dirty with these things. And I’ve learned I’m not as effective as I’d like to be on my own … so I’m thrilled to be part of a great team. I can’t wait.

I do have to wait a bit, though … I have consulting commitments that are going to take me a few more weeks to complete. Hopefully I can finish in time to have a restful Christmas and New Year and then hit the ground running.

I’m fond of consulting, but my heart is in the software product business. I am so fortunate and grateful to land this opportunity.

Of course now I have to change my site again. I had a plan to reach out to an audience of CIOs with this blog, but that never got off the ground. If anyone’s reading this, you’re probably a part of the “startup/micropreneur tribe” I belong to (or you’re my friend Francesca … Hi Francesca!). When I get in a writing groove, that’s who I’ll be writing for again.

To a new adventure … Cheers!


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