Monthly Archives: December 2010

Are you a developer looking for an idea?

There is a wonderful incubator, Momentum, based in my home town of Grand Rapids, MI, that encourages software developers to join the program, even if they don’t have a specific business idea to pursue. At least in our market, there are more ideas than developers, so this is a way to help match match entrepreneurial developers  with founders needing their talents.

If you are based in Grand Rapids, you might even be able to participate in the 12-week program without quitting your day job. Even if you are not based in Grand Rapids, it could well be worth it for you to take a sabbatical. I sat in on some of the sessions last year, and I learned a lot. The education provided by Momentum is very valuable.

If you are a developer looking to join a startup, sign up at If Grand Rapids isn’t your thing, be on the lookout for similar programs from other incubators. It makes so much sense that I suspect more and more incubators will do it.