In Summary …

Patricks headshotHowdy, I’m Patrick Foley. This site has been home to my blog for several years and has an odd mix of personal and professional writing in it.

If you want my best stuff, start with Greatest Hits. If you want my latest stuff, go straight to my blog.

I’ve been in the software industry for more than 30 years, as an independent software developer/architect, an “evangelist” for Microsoft, and Product Manager for Moraware

I’ve worked with hundreds of software companies and IT organizations of all different sizes. I’ve touched all sorts of different hardware, OSes, databases, and programming languages, and I’ve used just about every architecture methodology you can name. A broad background is useful, but the specifics constantly change – I’m most proud of my aptitude, problem solving, and creativity … and the fact that I genuinely care about my work.

For several years, I’ve worked out of my home … I live on the Northeast side of Grand Rapids, Michigan with my beautiful wife, Paula, and our totally awesome son, Gus.

I used to be a pretty mean violinist.

I’m easy to reach. If you have a reaction to something I said on my blog or elsewhere, please leave a comment. You can also email me, or connect on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.