Monthly Archives: May 2007

Memorial Day

Whenever I meet soldiers, I thank them … I personally appreciate everyone who serves our country to protect our way of life.
Thank you to all who serve and especially to those who have paid the ultimate price.


In …
… Out
Sun rising
Grassy toes
Hearts beating
Son sleeping
In …
… Out
Pain passes
Hurt lasts
Bills come
Debts rise
In …
… Out
Patience lacking
Virtue mocking
Sex given
Lies forgiven
… Out
In …
Friends neglected
Marriage shaky
Family fakey
Love strong
… Out
In …
Time eternal
Spirit moving
God unspoken
Peaceful sleep

False apothecary

Thirst for greatness, I avail
Embattled inner worlds await
Toiling troubled on the rail
Of stumbling puddles, forthright gait
Nonsense verbage, ornery stew
Words upon the haughty page
Apothec’ry’s fallacious brew
No foundation, pauper’s wage
Dealt a plate of shit to eat
Foolishly, I asked for more
My hero’s world devouring sweet
She lapped the shit up off the floor


When my eyes crest
When my throat clenches
When my voice cracks
 I feel poetry
When my heart aches
When my soul yearns
When my mind races
 I am poetry
When my fingers tingle
When my lips tease
When my nose tickles
 I feel you
When actions embolden
When kindness inspires
When happiness dances
 I am you

All of me

All of me
Right now
In or out
It’s a risk
Your call
Place your bet
Clouds disappearing
Poetry and music
Relentless energy
Brutal honesty
Uncompromising effort
Limitless Learning
Padre Auguste
Partner for life
Promise. Forgiveness.
All this and more
All yours
The price is right
You must act now
Right now
All of me


You sing your smile
lips, eyes, cheeks
You dance your heart
strumming, swaying, a gentle hint of …
Seduce me to your stage, Gypsy!
Caress me with your words
You have no husband
I am no husband
Did you reach for me?
Can I reach for you?
Solace grasping, never found
And dream
Two souls alone
What hearts wonder
fleeting past
Bodies march forward
past minds wandering
… and on … and on