Make Your First Dollar

I met Noah Kagan about 3 years ago at MicroConf. He was the 4th or 5th employee at Mint and 30th at Facebook, so he’s got instant cred there. He’s super passionate and smart about business and marketing and life, and he knows how to make stuff work. He knows how to change things.

A few years ago, Noah built AppSumo. He’s taken it in various directions, but in the last few months, he’s become laser-focused on helping people start their own businesses. He built an interactive course called “Make Your First Dollar,” and he’s helping people make significant changes in their lives and begin the journey of making successful businesses.

Right now, they’re running a promotion where the winner gets to spend a WEEK with Noah getting one-on-one help to build the business of their dreams. This is a deluxe, all-expenses-paid trip to Austin to spend time with one of the smartest entrepreneurs in the world (and he’s also just super fun to hang out with). If you have a day job that you’ve thought about leaving, you should enter the contest. Even if you don’t win, it might lead you to check out his course and make an awesome change in your life.

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