Two good movies

Yesterday, Paula and I celebrated our 25th (!) anniversary with a great luxury – we watched not one but TWO movies. I enjoyed both immensely (but I enjoyed the time with my sweetie even more).

First we watched City of God. Not what you’d think of us as a romantic movie, but it’s extremely thought provoking and remarkably well made. It’s pretty violent, so if you don’t like violence, you might not want to see it. If you don’t mind the occasional gangster flick, see it. It’s subtitled, but we didn’t find that distracting at all. After you watch it, read about how it was made.

Later we watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. This didn’t get great reviews, but we loved it. I hate spoilers, so I’m not going to give it away, but if you haven’t seen it, check it out. This movie even qualifies as romantic, though it’s not what you’d think of as a chick flick.

I think it’s fun to relate seemingly unrelated things. These movies had one notable thing in common – in both movies, a character’s photography played a key role (this is clear in the opening scenes of both, so no spoilers there). Both even used film instead of digital. I guess that was the theme of our one-day film festival.

Any day seeing a good movie is a good day … a day seeing two good movies? With the love of my life? That was a great day.

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