Day One

I love the concept of New Year … it’s the perfect time to start over, to start something new.

Today I started my new job at Moraware. I set up all my new accounts for email, internal chat, the help system, etc. Everything is new and shiny. I’m even wearing my Moraware t-shirt while I go through all the email I’ve ignored over the holidays (and watching Michigan State win the Rose Bowl). It’s a good day.


The new job is the most obvious big new thing for me this year – and I really want to knock it out of the park – but I have other big new things, too. I’m still enjoying my running streak (day 767 today), but I want more from running this year. I want to run the River Bank Run again in May. If that goes well (meaning that my overall energy is up and I have the time), then I might run the Grand Rapids Marathon in October, too. Maybe even the Huff 50k in December again – but if I do that, I’ll be way more conservative than last time.

But those are all things I’ve done before – I need a goal that I haven’t done, so I’m setting out to run 1,000 miles this year. I might have actually run that much in 2006, but I wasn’t recording my miles. Now I use Endomondo, so it’s easy to track my actual distance. Besides targeting a nice, round number, running 1,000 miles will force me to increase my mileage back to the point where I’m genuinely in shape. My doctor keeps telling me I need to lose a few pounds, and when I run more, it happens naturally.

I also want to write more, publish more podcast-type things, and make more music … but I haven’t worked out explicit goals for those yet. That’s OK. This is just Day One.

What new things are you starting in this New Year?

5 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Rod

    Hi Patrick, nice meeting you. Are you a developer at Moraware? We used their software at my last company. Man! Tell me about it! I also need to loose a few pounds! 😉

    1. pfoley Post author

      Thanks, Rod! Yup, that’s me at Moraware. I love the name of your company, Counter Intelligence. Very nice. Let me know if I can help!

      1. Rod

        Thanks Patrick. We get that a lot. I have to admit, it is a ‘clever’ name for a counter top fabricator, but it wasn’t my idea. The company has been around since 1987. Good luck at your new job/position. Excellent way of starting 2014. Bye


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