Rolling with it

One aspect of my new job that intrigues me is that I’m the first person in the company to be living in the Eastern time zone. Everybody else is in Pacific, so I’m usually going to be the first person working each day. Once I know what I’m doing, I’ll be manning the phones first thing in the morning to increase the amount of time that customers reach a live person.

I’ve never had a business (i.e., non-music) job where the timing mattered, and what excites me is the opportunity to develop good habits. There’s a 3-hour window where it’s clear I’ll be doing the same things every day, and I want to make those the “right” things.

For me personally, running is a part of that. I’m more awake and energized when I run first thing in the morning, so that’s my anchor habit of the day – wake up at 6:30, put the running clothes on, and get my butt out the door. Once I’m outside, instinct takes over, and my body kicks itself into gear (quite a low gear, but still).

The beginning of any habit is a critical time. Your mind plays tricks on you, and you negotiate your way out of your original best intentions. Often, you have to blast past your own resistance to achieve your goals. I know that resistance – I’ve blasted past it before. I expect it.

So I was expecting to find some resistance to getting up in the morning, and I was ready.

But when I got up this morning, it was 9 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit). That’s without wind chill. 9 degrees below zero.

I’m equipped to run down to zero, but at my current level of fitness, I don’t think it’s safe for me to run much below that. So I let the resistance win today. I went back to sleep for an hour, and I’ll run later today – it’s supposed to reach a balmy 18 degrees by the afternoon.

I hate treadmills, so If this happened all the time, I’d have to use the indoor track at the YMCA (7 laps to a mile – it’s awesome), but I think today was an outlier. Sometimes you have to roll with it … you win today, resistance, and I tip my hat to you. Tomorrow I will crush you.

4 thoughts on “Rolling with it

  1. Rod Olivares

    Interesting… I would love to hear why you don’t like “Treadmills”… I don’t exercise that much, but I just find it soooo much easier 😉 to just jump on the treadmill three or four times per week… especially with this crazy winter weather hitting this side ( EST timezone) man! 😉

    I just read your other post about running for 2 straight years +. Congrats! Man, I would NOT be able to do that. Your exercising habits are certainly admirable. My father in law has been doing the same for almost 30 years (military), and he’s now 60 and in awesome shape, looks young, and can handle a long night of drinking LOL

    1. pfoley Post author

      Well, certainly using a treadmill is a lot better than not exercising at all … my bias against them is just about getting some fresh air. I spend so much of my life inside and looking at a screen that I relish the opportunity running gives me to be outside.

      I have a friend who blogs about running (and was the first person I personally knew to run every day for at least a year): – Doug is vehemently anti-treadmill because he is so pro-running. He loves running and getting outside so much – and he tends to be pretty creative in his anti-treadmill diatribes. So I guess some of that has worn off on me 😉



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