I really intended to make a fancy site for this … but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I will. I might.

I am a wannapreneur myself (someone who wants to be an entrepreneur). There’s nothing wrong with being a wannapreneur! I just want to grow past that stage and create my own real startup business, even if it’s a tiny one (I’m particularly fond of the way Patrick McKenzie created his – also see Rob Walling (GREAT book), Bob Walsh, Andy Brice, Peldi, Jason Cohen, Ash Maurya, …).

This started with my submission for a Business of Software 2011 Lightening Talk. They liked it (or at least Mark Littlewood did!), so now I get to do my Lightning Talk. If they record it, I’ll put that up here. Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to write some actual text at some point.

In the meantime, check out the Startup Success Podcast I do with Bob Walsh or Smart Bear Live with Jason Cohen.

Also check out what Microsoft is doing with startups (free dev tools and production software! FREE WINDOWS AZURE!) at www.bizspark.com. I’ll sponsor you if you email me at Patrick.Foley@microsoft.com and tell me about your business.

If you think of it, please say hi to me via twitter.

2 thoughts on “Wannapreneur

  1. Ricardo

    You really need to make this into a site, maybe some sort of movement! perhaps a site for startups (or wannapreneurs) resources? remember Patrick… #JFDI

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