I know a lot of companies and a lot of technologists. It’s a joy for me to be able to connect them. I maintain this informal job board as a service for my trusted contacts. I receive no compensation for this – there are plenty of for-profit jobs sites out there – it’s just something I like to do for people I care about.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of these positions, email

Non-profit in Central Michigan needs SharePoint Experts
This is an organization I know very well that is outstanding to work for. They are expanding their use of SharePoint and are seeking the right experts who can help with architecture, development, and business analysis. A person who can cross boundaries and play all three roles would seen as incredibly valuable, but they recognize that they might need to shape multiple roles to fit capabilities. Given that SharePoint expertise is hard to come by, they’re also willing to take a solid .NET developer who is a good fit for the organization and help that person grow into a SharePoint developer.

Startup needs developers
I know that’s a vague description, but this is an AWESOME company, so read on … this company is revolutionizing shopping (big, big goals) and needs a wide variety of skills from front-end to back-end to mobile. They’re based in Ohio, but you can live anywhere in the US if you’re good enough. If you have ever wanted to work for a startup and get in early, this is an opportunity you need to learn more about.

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