Step 6: Combine everything into one Windows Azure web role

If you haven’t already, read the article this example is based on or start at the beginning of this example.

In CSSService, change the web role back to CSSPublic:


Open ServiceDefinition.csdef and add the following two lines within the Site element:

<VirtualApplication name="admin" physicalDirectory="..CSSAdmin" />
<VirtualApplication name="edit" physicalDirectory="..CSSCustomerEdit.Web" />


In the Web.config for CSSPublic, add the following element to contain System.web (otherwise, CSSAdmin and CSSCustomerEdit.Web will inherit the Web.config from CSSPublic):

<location path="." inheritInChildApplications="false">


Publish to Windows Azure and now all three apps are running in one role. Browse to the root for CSSPublic, root/admin for CSSAdmin and root/edit for CSSCustomerEdit.Web.

Next step, I hope to add security to this example. Soon.

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