This site is implemented as a WordPress blog hosted on WPEngine. I typically edit posts with Word or Live Writer.

Visual design is by Jason Rodriguez, who also designed the Patrick Foley Consulting logo. Jason implemented the design as a WordPress theme, which makes it easy to maintain.

Photo credits

Photo by Betsy Weber

The picture of Patrick on the home page was taken by Betsy Weber at the 2011 Business of Software Conference (my favorite conference), while I was doing a lightning talk. Betsy is an evangelist for TechSmith.

The picture on the About page is from a landscape by my good friend Michael Hardeman. Mike is a brilliant photographer who shoots landscapes around the U.S. with his 8×10 field camera (the images are shot on transparencies that are 8 inches by 10 inches). Mike is also a very creative software developer.

The headshot of Patrick on the About page was taken at a 2012 Microsoft offsite in San Antonio.

The pictures on the Capabilities and Contact pages are from Flickr commons.


The picture on the Jobs page is of Jackson Pollock working at his art.

The picture on the Blog banner was created by Jason Rodriguez for this site.

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