Gus’s first gymnastics meet of the new season

Picture by Plauto Da Silva

It’s a new gymnastics season! Gus’s first meet was last weekend, and he did great – 2nd All Around for Level 5 JrB (full scores). As I always tell him, I’m more proud of the work he put in than the results – if you do the work, the results will come. After last season, he bumped up to 11 hours of practice per week! That’s 5 hours more than last year, and he’s embraced it. He loves the sport – he spins on his mushroom at home constantly, often while watching videos of gymnastics champions.

This year, I’m trying to streamline my video production process, so I’m not assembling everything into one video. Instead, I’m uploading each event separately. So here you go:

As a bonus, one of the other dads, Plauto Da Silva (his son, Patrick, is a wonderful level 6 gymnast) took some incredible photos. When those are back up, I’ll send a link.

4 thoughts on “Gus’s first gymnastics meet of the new season

  1. Patrick Foley Post author

    Thanks guys! I’ve only heard him call that a press handstand, Andy. They work on that a ton. They start out with it as a headstand and just keep trying until they can do it as a handstand. Amazes me how much effort and repetition goes into acquiring each skill – and then they move onto the next one.

    Right before that, he did a handstand pirouette, which he’s been working on all summer – I’m sure it will seem like old hat by the end of the season …

    Thanks for watching!


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