A little hungry

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A friend posted a recent video of me speaking (no, I’m not linking to it), and I have to confess … I looked fat. Not terrible, but not good. When I crossed my arms – as apparently I am prone to do – they tended to rest on my belly a bit. Not a good look. It didn’t help that I was wearing a t-shirt that was a bit on the tight side. Can’t rock that right now.


My wife tells me I just need to dress better, and I am going to work on that. My weight hasn’t fluctuated from 155/156 for several months, so at least I’m not increasing. I can afford a couple of gut-hiding outfits.

I don’t believe in diets per se – if I want to lose weight, I assume I need to slowly consume fewer calories than I burn. I have to create a slight calorie deficit and maintain that until I reach my target.

I’m only 5’5” so 155 is technically overweight, as my doctor has informed me a couple of times. Last time I ran a marathon, I was down to 132, so I don’t think it’s unrealistic to set a target weight of 140. That’s “only” 15 pounds. Surely I can do that.

To get there, I’m going to change just three things in my diet (exercise is a bonus – I’m running every day, but I think it’s time to add some resistance training to the mix). I’m going to eat a smaller lunch – since I’m at home, sometimes I pig out. Can’t do that and lose weight. In the afternoon, around 3p, I’m going to make a point of eating a healthy snack, whether I want one or not. If I don’t, then I’m going to be too tempted to eat junk. Finally, I’m going to give up my beloved cookies with my herbal tea before bed, at least for a while. I’m going to just drink my tea and notice that I’m a tiny bit hungry.

Thank goodness it’s 3p, because I am a little hungry now – time for a banana.

4 thoughts on “A little hungry

    1. Patrick Foley Post author

      I remember reading that when you wrote it, and if I don’t see progress, I’m going to read Tim Ferriss’s book.

      I am doing some of the things you did but not with the same rigor. I’m weighing myself more frequently. I’m upping my exercise. I’m drinking less beer. However, the primary thing I’m doing is cutting out the cheap carbs that I traditionally have before bedtime. I suspect that one change will cause a few pounds to fall off fairly quickly. We’ll see.


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