Don’t break the chain

I read where someone asked Jerry Seinfeld the secret to success. “Don’t break the chain,” he said.

He was referring to a chain of big Xs you make on a calendar … You figure out what’s important to you, and then you do that thing every day. When you do it, you get to cross off that day, making a chain of days in a row …

Don’t break the chain.

5 thoughts on “Don’t break the chain

    1. Patrick Foley Post author

      I do thing it’s mostly for beginners, though – you’ve reached a point in your singing career where I assume you don’t even think about singing every day – you just do it. Although it would probably feel pretty weird if you didn’t sing, eh?

  1. Dan N aka danere

    Yes!! I did this throughout 2011 to help me keep focused on my startup.

    Unfortunately I didn’t always stay true to the “don’t break the chain” mantra, but it did really help me build a routine around developing my product, even when I was still working my dayjob.

    The stars are for working on my startup and the dots are for my exercise routine.

    1. Patrick Foley Post author

      I love that chart, Dan! Even if you didn’t do it “every” day, you still made a game out of that YOU cared about. I think that’s the important thing. I think your way was actually harder than doing it every day, but you still made it work. That’s awesome.

      Is your product released yet?


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