Thanks, Seth

One of my favorite blogs is Seth Godin’s. He writes a blog post every day, and I read it every day. About a million or so people read him every day, in fact.

One post stuck with me last year: talker’s block. Seth makes the assertion that we don’t get talker’s block, because we practice talking poorly until we get good at it. Therefore, it must be the same with writing – the way to get good at writing is to be willing to write poorly for a while. The important thing is simply to write often. Every day, in fact.

I suspect Seth is right, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m writing every day. Thanks for the inspiring wisdom, Seth!

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Seth

  1. broadsideblog

    I like Godin, when he’s not too glib.

    Improving as a writer (which you know from being a musician) isn’t just doing it a lot. It’s also reading amazing writers and analyzing why they are so compelling. Talent helps, too.


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