Lots of firsts today

I rode in my first road bicycle race today (I had previously ridden one cyclocross race), the Fisk Knob Time Trial. My friends at Atomic Object included me on their team, and I had a blast! I was carrying 17 extra pounds (157 actual vs 140 ideal) and wasn’t in the best of shape, but I had a ton of fun, and I can’t wait to get back on the bike for more.

Today was the first time I got on a bike this year. Smile I will train better next time. Today was also the first time ever that I

  • Rode in sub freezing temperatures
  • Rode a time trial (or had someone hold the back of my bike while I started) – so I set a Personal Record 1:10:10 for 17.29 miles
  • Rode for an hour without unclipping or even stopping pedaling
  • Rode a bike alone for more than 10 minutes. Seriously – I’ve always done group rides. I REALLY liked riding alone and need to do more of it.
  • Climbed the biggest hill in Kent County (elevation course map)

I’m sure there were more … most importantly, it was a lot of fun. I should have taken pictures, because I looked ridiculous – I had to combine a lot of different colored items to gear up for the cold.

Firsts are good – especially if they are followed by seconds and thirds. What firsts have you had lately?

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