Sharing ideas

In his book Start Small, Stay Small, Rob Walling refers to that “secret list” of ideas we all keep. Loved that – you know you have one …

Ideas come easy to me, and as Derek Sivers points out, ideas are only a “multiplier” … execution is where the money is.

I’ve got more ideas than I’ll ever be able to use, so I’m going to stop hoarding them. If I share them more readily, maybe I’ll get to use the results if I help inspire somebody to make something I want.

The scary part of this for me is that I’m sure a lot of my ideas really suck. That’s OK – don’t use them as-is – but maybe they’ll help you find the good idea that’s right next to mine.

As much as possible, I’m going to describe scenarios/problems instead of solutions. That way I’m committing to less and might come off as less stupid. I’m sure most of my ideas have 23 solutions already – but maybe there’s a twist that reveals a still-profitable niche to be served. Have at it.

So here’s one that came to me during the second roundtable at #bos2010 … connect people wanting to be involved in a startup with appropriate cofounders (unfortunately is taken, but it looks purchasable). There are so many directions this could go … you could focus on an eHarmony-like compatibility matrix. You could focus on friends-of-friends via facebook. You could create more of a craigslist free-for-all. I don’t know the answer. I just think it’s an interesting area of opportunity. And I’ve heard multiple people say that they need a cofounder. Hope this triggers a good idea for someone.

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