The Way of the Superior Man

The last couple of years have been difficult for me, but I read a book that really helped: The Way of the Superior Man, by David Deida.
The title is a tad goofy, but the book is amazing. I was shelf browsing on a particularly bad day when I read the first paragraph:
Most men make the error of thinking that one day it will be done. They think, "If I could work enough, then one day I could rest." Or, "One day my woman will understand something, and then she will stop complaining." Or, "I’m only doing this now so that one day I can do what I really want with my life." The masculine error is to think that eventually things will be different in some fundamental way. They won’t. It never ends. As long as life continues, the creative challenge is to tussle, play, and make love with the present moment while giving your unique gift.
Frankly, when I first read this in the store, I started crying, so I figured I better buy the book. Ever since, I have been on a journey toward becoming the man I want to be.
I think I’ve given away six copies of this book so far, and I intend to give away many more. It’s been that important to me.

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  1. Francesca

    Here’s my favorite passage from the book, which I also find amazing, and have passed on to 3 others…"Live completely. Know your deepest purpose. Give the gift you were born to give. Stop waiting. Feel everything. Love achingly. Give impeccably. Let go."I’m very happy to report that I am truly living these words.Thanks for introducing me to such wisdom.F


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