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  1. Unknown

    Pat,Voice from the past. I was surfing on the internet and found your profile. Just wanted to say hi. I’ve been rocking in an AC/DC tribute band for the last few years called High Voltage. I have been working for ADP since BOFA sold our division to them a couple of years ago. I received a sad email today regarding the passing of Ben Randall. If you remember, he played drums with us in our short lived Montgomery Blues band. This got me thinking of the past and anytime I think of great Violin players I always think of you. I had to sign up for this service just to pass you this note. Say hi to your wife for me. Any kids thses days? Check out my website at http://www.highvoltagerockandroll.com. I read a few of your blogs. Nice to know you’re doing really well. No surprise.Regards,Jeff Baum/JB Diamond/Bon 


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