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When my eyes crest
When my throat clenches
When my voice cracks
 I feel poetry
When my heart aches
When my soul yearns
When my mind races
 I am poetry
When my fingers tingle
When my lips tease
When my nose tickles
 I feel you
When actions embolden
When kindness inspires
When happiness dances
 I am you

All of me

All of me
Right now
In or out
It’s a risk
Your call
Place your bet
Clouds disappearing
Poetry and music
Relentless energy
Brutal honesty
Uncompromising effort
Limitless Learning
Padre Auguste
Partner for life
Promise. Forgiveness.
All this and more
All yours
The price is right
You must act now
Right now
All of me


You sing your smile
lips, eyes, cheeks
You dance your heart
strumming, swaying, a gentle hint of …
Seduce me to your stage, Gypsy!
Caress me with your words
You have no husband
I am no husband
Did you reach for me?
Can I reach for you?
Solace grasping, never found
And dream
Two souls alone
What hearts wonder
fleeting past
Bodies march forward
past minds wandering
… and on … and on

The Flower

You are the flower that every raindrop seeks
So lucky to fall near your petals
Brazenly claiming to nourish your tender buds
When truly the flower is the gift to the rain
Your radiant beauty inspires fields of wildflowers
Spreading joy like seeds upon the wind
Rejuvenating barren soil so many miles from your stem
Restoring the dark, coffee smell of life to the earth
“Quiero hacer contigo
 lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos”
“I want to do with you
 what spring does with the cherry blossoms”
To be worthy of your thirst …
to feed your gentle leaves …
to revel with you in your bloom

The Dance

A woman and a boy are dancing
The boy does not know what to do
A man steps in to show him
But all he can do is fall 
Still the boy wants to dance
With this beautiful lady
His heart now swollen with love
He longs to fulfill her desire
So he works
And he works
And he works some more
He works
And he works
And he never gets tired
For he still sees her face
Whenever he hears music
And the dance makes life worthwhile
Now the boy is a man
And he knows how to dance
The work is paying off
But he still dreams of her
He finally stops looking
And then he finds her
Their eyes light up with joy
As she melts into his passionate embrace
So they dance
And they dance
And they dance some more
They dance
And they dance
And they never grow tired
Wherever there is music
You will still find them dancing
For the dance makes life worthwhile